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CyberGard.AI provides a rigorous penetration testing service that assesses the security of your systems, network, and applications by simulating actual attacks. This service enables you to find weaknesses and fix them before attackers can take advantage of them. A thorough and actionable security evaluation is provided by our team of qualified professionals using state-of-the-art technologies and methods, assisting you in strengthening your entire security posture.

1. External Penetration Testing of Networks

With the help of manual and automated testing techniques, the external penetration testing service analyzes your network infrastructure in-depth to find potential security risks. This comprehensive assessment of network security enables you to take proactive steps to reduce potential risks and improve your overall security posture.
Infrastructure Penetration Testing


Infrastructure Penetration Testing service adopts a multi-faceted approach that uses manual and automated testing methodologies and leverages the expertise of our experienced security professionals to identify security vulnerabilities in your network, providing actionable recommendations to improve security posture and prevent unauthorized access and data breaches.


Web Application Penetration Testing
Web Application Penetration Testing service employs a range of manual and automated testing techniques to conduct a comprehensive evaluation of web applications for vulnerabilities and security weaknesses. The service provides a detailed assessment of the application’s security posture and delivers actionable remediation recommendations based on the identified vulnerabilities.
Mobile  Application  Penetration Testing
Our Mobile Application Penetration Testing service utilizes binary analysis, network traffic analysis, and static and dynamic analysis to assess mobile applications for vulnerabilities, with our experienced security professionals providing actionable remediation recommendations based on identified vulnerabilities, ensuring comprehensive security testing.

We are committed to providing high-quality and customized penetration testing services tailored to your specific needs. Our approach is based on industry best practices, and we follow a strict methodology to ensure comprehensive testing and accurate results. Our testing approach is based on industry best practices, and we follow a strict methodology to ensure comprehensive testing and accurate results.

  • Focused on targeting network assets that matter your  business in a responsible and controlled way to  minimize the risks of disruption and provide insight  driven security.
  • Reducing manual interventions wherever possible to  make our services timely and affordable.
  • Our penetration testing is employed with unique blend  of the automated tools and manual security testing &  bring the experience of our qualified professional with  significant in-house testing capabilities.

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